Monday, August 01, 2005

I Cannot Accept Your Fries

this guy, ryan, is supposedly my cousin. we're not really related at all. having him and beka though is like being a triplet. we're nothing alike, but we have so much fun together. whenever we get together at holidays or whatnot we're always doing stupid stuff. and not like crazy dangerous stuff like... i dunno what, but just stupid stuff. like flying kites. ryan and i flew little sambo's birthday kite right into an electrical wire and we were so scared we were gonna get electrocuted. but we didn't though, and i don't know why we were so worried about it. anyway this post really isn't about my cousins, but a conversation i had with ryan on the way back from our family camping trip: isn't it weird that once you start eating chocolate, something salty doesn't sound good to you? or when you're eating chips or something salty, candy sounds like crap? it's just like once you get into salty, you can't just switch to sweet. unless you're drinking pop and eating chicken nuggets or something fast foody. alright maybe this one isn't so inspirational, just something we thought about....
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