Tuesday, July 05, 2005

babin suit

just last weekend i went to boyne mountain with my family and a couple of family friends and we spent one day at a water park. it was called avalanche something and it was a big indoor thing with slides and a water playground that gooshed out 8oo gallons of water all at once every ten minutes. the place had a fake surfing ride that a bunch of people were in line for, and there was a group at the bottom watching everyone else do it. it was a wide ramp and water shot up from the bottom of the ramp and made a wave at the top as it sprayed over the top of the ramp. you jump on a surfboard and try to stay on it as long as you can before you either get thrown off the board or shoved back to the top because the water's so strong. most everyone just rode it on their stomach, bodysurfing, but a few guys kept trying to surf standing up. the force of the 'waves' were so strong that every time the guys fell off the board the water would rip their suit off- so half the guys would flip up at the top of the ramp and moon everybody. it was so funny. and i figured it would happen to me too, but i wanted to ride the stupid thing. so i did- i just had to fix my suit really fast. and janice myer took pictures.
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Blogger angela said...

i titled it babin suit b.c that's what my mom calls them: babe-in suits lol

2:30 PM

Blogger TwoSEVEN said...

Sounds alot like when i tried to water ski!

9:57 AM

Blogger Amanda said...

I got my hair cut!! I love you!! I miss you!!

1:52 PM


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