Monday, July 11, 2005

dr. evil's favorite torture weapon

so i just got my wisdom teeth out this weekend. i really don't like doctors. but thinking about them, i remembered one visit from a long time ago. to save time and money, i guess, my mom in some insane burst of energy always tried to take all three of us *no sam, you weren't born yet* to get checkups at the same time. on one visit, we all had to get shots at the same time- i don't think daniel was even old enough to remember the last time he had a shot. so josh and i tried to explain it to him. while mom was busy filling out forms and talking to the doctor and all that, daniel sat in terror and was educated about shots. we told him that the needle itself was as thick as his finger, and would leave a hole in his shoulder when they harpooned him with it. it would go all the way through his arm and hurt worse than anything he'd ever felt. it would be administered by an evil nurse who wouldn't even give him a band aid. most nurses put poison in the needle anyway. the poor little nurse who came in eventually had to drag daniel out from under the chairs and pry his hands off the legs. another nurse had to come in, and between the two of them and my mom, they eventually poked him in his scrawny little leg as he tried to kick one of them in the face. i remember being so mad that daniel was such a baby- he was limping and STILL crying on the way to the car a half hour later! josh and i laugh about it now, but mom, *i know she thinks it's funny too* always tells us we shoulda had our butts whooped for it


Blogger brit said...

that is so freakin hilarous

11:49 AM

Blogger Jessie said...

LOL, that's hilarious. Soo funny!!

3:34 PM


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